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- $100 enrollment fee (non refundable)

- $20 monthly donation for supplies.

‚Äč- 10% sibling discount

- We accept all Human Resources and Voucher Project programs.

"Throughout the years Calvary Preschool has distinguished itself by its ready, warm availability for collaborative, collegial relationships, by its flexibility, by generous empathetic responses to the needs of both parents and young children with whom they are involved."   Betsy Isbister, Parent Center

"We still feel a strong bond and affection for the preschool that helped my three children feel so confident in their early years."   Peggy Dolgenos, Cruzio
"My granddaughter was given a strong introduction to learning during her Calvary years. She had a wonderful time with experiments and developed a love for science. It was at Calvary that she first said she wanted to be a Paleontologist when she grows up. She's is still saying it!"   Judith Neuman Beck